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Lily Bouquets and Arrangements

Create a sensation and send a rich display of striking bouquet of lilies to your loved ones. Symbolizing happiness and sophistication, lily bouquets make an impressive statement of pure elegance! Our collection of stunning lily arrangements includes stargazer lily bouquets, Peruvian lilies, calla lilies, Oriental lilies, and other beautiful varieties in a full range of colors.

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Lilies Delivery

There are very few flowers that offer the versatility and depth of selection as the lily. Lilies have become the go-to flower for a variety of occasions due to their sensational blossoms and range of natural colors. 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® offers many variations of the lily ranging from the classic white variation to the gorgeous pink hues of the Stargazer lily. A lily can grow in many colors including bright yellows, deep oranges, rich pinks, and stark whites. Combined with other flowers in a bouquet or left alone, sending lilies is a true sign of joy and sophistication.

Arrangements & Bouquets with Lilies

The lily is an every occasion flower since it is so versatile in mixed bouquets or standing alone. For decades, recipients have associated the lily with happiness, joy, love, sophistication, and elegance. Its versatility has allowed the flower to grace bouquets that represent everything from a "happy birthday" or “happy Mother’s Day” to "thank you" or even "I am sorry." A quick glance at the lily in all of its forms will help you to understand just how powerful this single stem can be. A Cala Lilly Bouquet is appropriate for close relationships, new acquaintances, and even business related gifts.

Shopping at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® provides you with access to some of the freshest and most breathtaking lilies available on the market today. In just a few clicks you can choose your ideal arrangement and choose a delivery date. 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® also offers the use of your address book so you can have access to information in minutes. Ordering lilies online is a quick and simple way to say thank you, take care, miss you, get well, congratu