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Product Details: 1027-P-MK006139

Can you believe all these flowers are made from soap?

A delightful arrangement of soap flowers that your loved one will cherish on their special day. Whether it's a birthday gift, anniversary gift, mother birthday, sister birthday, fall gift or friend birthday. The flower gift box has color options that include pink, lemon/lime or orange. All presented in a beautiful brown gift box. Each soap flower can be taken apart and its pedals used as scented soap. Pedals can be sprinkled into a warm bath or used to decorate a sink as hand soap. Scented Bath Soap Petals -All natural bath soap petals for hand washing or bathing. -Free of artificial colors or dyes. Formed with all natural ingredients. -A perfect gift for the special one in your life or yourself. Usage: Soap Petals can be used for hand washing, bath. Put the flowers of a little (1/3-1/2) into the palm, rub with water to bubble, wash your hands. Use 5-9 flowers in a bath tub, when dissolve it completely, you can enjoy a romantic bathing.

Red Soap Flower Gift

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