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  1. Cask Barrel Aging Gift Set

Cask Barrel Aging Gift Set

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 Cask Barrel Aging Gift Set

Product Details

: 1027-P-MK009241

There’s a reason whiskey is so delicious: it’s spent a chunk of its life aging in huge wooden casks, allowing flavors to grow and harmonize over time. This one-liter version brings that process home, and works way faster because of the smaller scale.

You can use it to age all kinds of booze, like moonshine, rum, tequila, gin, and even high-proof cocktails. The charred interior will infuse them with notes of smoke and oak distinct to your particular barrel. Each is handcrafted at a third-generation, family-owned factory in Jalisco, Mexico from first-use American White Oak that’s been charred (specifically, a classic #3 char) to create a smokier profile, and bound with black steel bands to prevent leakage.

Gift Set Includes:
- Charred American White Oak Mini Barrel
- Bottling Kit, 750ml

There’s a reason whiskey is so delicious: it’s...